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Focus Motion Media

For large projects like 30 and 60 second TV commercials, music videos, and corporate promotional videos that require a storyboard, planning, a creative concept, scripting, actors or props please contact me for a free consultation and bid. For short projects that mostly require one person to show up with camera equipment, refer to the rates below. Note, the camera equipment that we use alone costs $800/day to rent from online camera renters so we’re confident that we provide the highest value to our clients.

Filming Rate: Half Day $600, Full Day $1,200
Each additional cameraman: Half Day $200; Full Day $400
Video Editing Rate: $50 Per hour
Visual Effects/ Motion Graphics Rate: $70 per hour


The final deliverable product will be either a DVD disk with the .MOV file on it, a playable DVD, or the video hosted on Vimeo, YouTube…etc. Or any combination of the above listed formats.

I also do*:

After Effects Animations

Visual Effects

Custom DVD menus/motion menus

*All at the same editing rate listed above
Tight budget tips:

1. As a general rule, the more complicated and/or longer the final product, the more expensive it becomes. Try to think of ways of simplifying the final product.

2. Have a clear script that has been practiced by the talent several times.

3. Create a storyboard that outlines exactly how the video should go.

4. Be able to describe what you want your final product to be in as close detail as you can. Saying I want it to be filmed like the show “The Office” gives me a little hint of what you want but if you tell me what you like about how that is filmed is much more beneficial. Giving more details in your description tells me exactly what you like about it and let’s me deliver what you’re after. “I want it to be filmed as if there is a camera crew following me around my work day, I want the camera shoulder mounted almost the entire time. I like the use of snap zooms, sometimes I like the camera man to follow the actors around, and I like one on one interviews so the viewer can know what’s going on inside the character.”

5. Decide beforehand if you want visual effects, green screen, custom intro, any kind of animation or a custom DVD menu that would take more time. Remember, the more complicated it is, the more time it will take me and the more expensive it will be for you. It will also look more impressive.

6. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day and Avatar wasn’t the most expensive movie ever made for no reason. Even for professionals, video production is time consuming and especially for professionals, it is expensive. Why is it expensive? Because they stress the details and have the knowledge others don’t and thereby can create what others can’t.

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