Our Christmas Card, and how I created it.

I enjoy photo composites. I love that they’re a fantastic way to create an entire story from a single image. That’s what I’ve done here, given a perfect visual description of what our lives are like on a day to day, with a Christmas twist. We have Sienna getting into everything, me coming up with […]

Our Baby Announcement

The most creative baby announcement

I typically don’t post personal announcements on my photography website blog but since this one is a big deal and I also got to shoot a really cool composite photo for it, I thought it would be a good call. So, since this is a photography website, let’s talk about the photo and it’s process […]

Yelp #1 Ranked Photographer in South Jordan

Just got the #1 ranking on Yelp for South Jordan! As I was just updating a few details on my Yelp account I realized I was the #1 ranked photographer for South Jordan. I was just so excited about it that I had to give the blog a shout out. http://www.yelp.com/biz/shane-harder-photography-south-jordan Why does Yelp Matter […]

Video Production Gear on a Budget

Shane Harder Photography Video equipment is expensive, but you won’t have to mortgage off your home to pay for it if you follow these tips. Here’s a list of budget equipment that will get you started in your own photography business. The step up from most of these lenses would be going from an f/4 […]

I’m back to working for myself and couldn’t be happier!!

After about 8 months of working for other people, all it did was re-enforce how much I love working for myself. I love the ups and downs, the craziness of it and the amazing experiences I get to have. Most of all, I love the freedom of working for myself. I love the ability to […]