Your wedding will be the most memorable day of your life, why not keep that memory for your children and family forever. One thing most brides overlook is that whoever you pick to do your wedding video or photos will be spending lots and lots of time with. You need to pick someone you can feel comfortable enough with to spend your wedding day with because that will come out in the images.

This is Erin and Ben Hoff’s engagement video, we ended up shooting in 2 (technically 3) locations. Did this entire video in 6 hours total, 3 hours to film and 3 hours to edit. To anyone who does video production that probably sounds quick but to anyone who doesn’t that probably sounds like a lot. Trust me though, we we’re flying, almost all shots were done in one take so it’s as true to life as if you were there with us.

Erin and Ben had a great intimate wedding at the Laie Temple and reception/dinner at the PCC. The lighting at the PCC was rough but we were able to work with it.

I thought it would be fun to do a video that was very upbeat and old school. I probably took a little too much creative freedom with the edit on this one but hey, it was more for fun than anything and the couple loved it.

Here’s a Honolulu Wedding video I did the edit on, Crane Media did all the on location filming.

Here’s a Honolulu reception video I did the edit on, Crane Media did all the on location filming.

Trevor and Brittany were perfect on their perfect day. I was glad to be a part of it. I tried filming this one kind of simple and raw to go with the music they picked out.

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