• Branding Video

  • Developed for businesses who need a high
    end video as the face of their business.
    A great branding video also acts as a
    perfect informational piece to let web
    visitors know and understand what
    you do in 3 minutes or less.

  • 1 - 2 shooting days

    Up to 10 interviews

    Enough B-Roll to edit a compelling video

    Up to 4 shooting locations

    Edited into a 1-3 minute final video

    Includes music rights
  • Starting at
  • $2500

  • Social Marketing Plans

  • Developed for the business owner who
    doesn't have the budget for weekly large
    scale video production but still wants the
    power a thriving YouTube channel can bring.
    Google needs consistent, original, high quality
    content, and rewards that with better search results.

  • Building a YouTube channel and subscribers

    1 Video per week, month, quarter...etc.

    Shooting time of 1-2 hours each

    1 Shooting location per video

    Shoot in HD or even 4K!

    High quality audio
  • Starting at
  • $500 / Video
  • Minimum commitment of 5 videos.

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