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Nicole & Scott’s Wedding

We flew out to Utah for Christmas this year and shot this wedding the day after we arrived. It was freezing but what could be a better way to get […]

The Early Family Portraits

This fun family had come from all over to vacation in Hawaii together. They had fun seeing the banyan trees near Turtle Bay Resort (where they were staying). They enjoyed […]

Grooms wedding band

New Self Portrait

Here’s my newest self portrait. I thought it would be good to put this on the back of my business card so everyone who I give it to wouldn’t forget […]

Bride and brides maids

Wedding Cake Cutting

EMNT Spring Skate line

This is one of the photos I shot for the EMNT spring skate line. I’ve shot a ton of photos on their website, go check them out!

Picture of picture

Father of the Bride


Fun day out in Arizona on the Colorado river. Wakeboarding is a great sport, I love sports photography.


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