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Christina & Sam Christensen Wedding

What a great day for such a great couple!! Sam and Christina are the kind of people who just invite you into their lives and make you feel like you’ve […]

EMNT Spring Skate line

This is one of the photos I shot for the EMNT spring skate line. I’ve shot a ton of photos on their website, go check them out!

Garter toss

Marriage is magical

If you’re here for wedding photography¬†congratulations on your engagement! I was recently married myself and it’s the greatest thing I’ve ever done in my life by far. You’re in for […]

Eternity Movie Poster

Here’s a movie poster I designed and created in photoshop although I didn’t shoot this photo. It’s of me and my wife and was shot by Conrad Young of Conrad […]

Picture of picture

Couple at wedding altar


    Shane Harder Photography

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