Here we have a few examples from photos I’ve taken over the years where photoshop took it to the next level.

(Drag the slider left and right to reveal the before and after images)

Composite Restructure

This is the most time consuming and difficult photoshop edit I’ve ever done. It requires adding a lot of content from many different sources and any composite work like this is bid on an individual basis.

Weight Loss/ Plastic Surgery

This is where I actually change the structure of the image itself. Want to look thinner? Increase your chest size? Just ask, at only $30/ image it’s a lot cheaper than plastic surgery.


Adding New Elements

Here I added in content that wasn’t there before to simply make the overall image nicer. I didn’t have enough lumber in the warehouse I was shooting at so I just used photoshop to add the lumber.


Object Removal

Sometimes someone or something get’s in the shot that can ruin a potentially great image. In this case, a lady was jogging down the beach and jogged her butt right into this engagement session, right at a few key moments for the couple. Here’s what can be done for $25/image.



Lastly, here we’re going to look at playing with color.
Changing how the color in the image looks can really make it pop and take on a whole new feel. In this image I added a sun flare, and some cloud texture as well as painted in ajustments to contrast, brightness, clarity, and color tones. Changes of this nature are $25/image.