Real Estate photography prices are determined by number of rooms to be photographed. All prices include the following:

-Edits of every image
-You receive every image, not just the 5-10 best
-Delivery of every full resolution image via downloadable zip files.
-All prices are up front, I do not use any bait and switch tactics, the price you see below is the full amount you pay unless you ask for more work than is described here.
-Convenient access to print any images directly through your online gallery with a high end printer at the discounted printing rate they give me.
-Freedom to have photos printed anywhere you like.
-Hosting of your entire full resolution online web gallery, this allows you to easily give a reference for anyone so they can also have instant access to all the full resolution images for printing or download, not the heavily compressed web versions.

-I take check or cash, no credit cards and payment is due on or before the photography date.
-No deposit required unless you prefer.

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