If pictures speak a thousand words, then video let’s us feel a million emotions. The world is evolving; When the internet was introduced, it was good enough to just have a website. As more websites were introduced, the need for search engine optimization came around. Now that your customers can find you, what now? You have visitors but they’re too impatient to read anything or really understand what you do. That’s where video comes in. A well made video can cause your clients to have an emotional connection to YOUR product or service.

At the beginning of 2011 I decided to create a promotional video of my own business. I wanted something that would set me apart from my competition, give me instant credibility and make my clients feel comfortable picking up the phone and calling me.

This is a 30 second Doritos Super Bowl ad I created. It’s about 2 competitive friends who try to out do one another at eating Doritos until things get out of hand…
click here to view it on the Doritos site

Mission Cross Fit is the premier family orientated Cross Fit gym in Southern California. If you need a place to get very healthy and have a great time, this is clearly the choice.
Visit their website to see many more videos I created for them.

Definitive Media has always been a joy and an inspiration to work with. Everything these guys seem to touch turns to gold including the footage I shot for them. I also did the After Effects motion graphics work on these videos. It’s always a huge compliment to have a media company call me to come create media for them.
visit their website

Get to meet the Definitive Media crew. Great guys and a great time meeting them. I think this video really shows the relaxed yet focused nature of the designers.
visit their website

Every time I get to work with a company, I get to learn a novels about their structure, ethics, goals and leadership. Each business has it’s own personality just like people do and the personality of Care to Stay Home is similar to a mother or grandparent who does anything and everything to take care of it’s needy child.

This is a video I created for a Hawaiian adventure hiking business called www.gohikehawaii.com. They specialize in hiking tours into the remote mountains, valleys and waterfalls all over the magical island of Oahu. In this particular video we climb the amazing crouching lion hike. It is so so beautiful yet so so deadly. One wrong step on many of it’s ledges would mean death without question.

Here’s another hiking video I created for wwww.gohikehawaii.com. This one takes place on Mount Olomana. It’s only an hour to the top and is a perfect hike for anyone who loves insane views and a good time.

While working at Planet X, we filmed and I edited this little segment at the Transworld Magazine headquarters in San Diego to help promote their new movie called High 5.

This was an After Effects project I created for a TV show intro that talks all about Hawaiian real estate.

Here’s a little After Effects project I did for Crane Media.

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