Being well rounded is critical.

Amazing Hawaiian panorama

A well rounded photographer will be able to get the best of every situation. For example, someone who can shoot landscapes, sports and weddings well is going to be better at all 3 of those because inspiration will come from the different forms of photography. For example, when shooting a wedding, someone who is good […]

Christmas Photography

This year I thought it would be fun to shoot photos of my Nice’s and nephews opening their presents. So everyone came over to our house and we had an epic time on Christmas morning. I tried out my new Sigma 50mm art lens which was a real treat working with such a beautiful piece […]

I’m starting a new company called Bokeh Caps

Check it out: This is a new business I’ve been working on to help photographers with a new cool tool. Its a cap that goes over a lens that has a cutouts which give photographers a new shape to their bokeh. So instead of being stuck with a circular bokeh shape of background highlights, […]

Special Facebook Wedding Photography Promotion

For our special facebook friends we’re offering a discount of $50 off our minimalist wedding package and $100 off all our other wedding packages! all you have to do to redeem the discount is like our facebook page: Shane Harder Photography Facebook Page and then call or email us at 808 238-9999 or and […]

Family Portrait Season

Shane Harder Photography Family Portraits

Don’t wait until the last minute to get your Christmas portraits done. Everyone knows how crazy that time of year can be, book them now and make sure you have the time to get them done right.

San Diego Temple HDR

Here’s an HDR photo of the San Diego Mormon temple. I decided to take on a personal project of shooting HDR photos of as many Mormon temples as I can. In a world of corporate office towers, they’re the most beautiful buildings being constructed in our day and age.

Stephanie Merrick

HDR stands for High Dynamic Range and is a type of photograph that is a big controversial in the photography world. Some people hate them, others love them. I am one who likes them if they’re done well. There is a huge temptation to blow them out beyond belief in post processing but then they […]

Ghetty Museum Sunset

Beautiful sunset at the Ghetty Museum in Los Angeles. I was so grateful to have my camera with me.


Fun day out in Arizona on the Colorado river. Wakeboarding is a great sport, I love sports photography.


Mocha the dog, playing with her ball. I had a great time playing with her in her back yard.