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Wedding Cake Cutting

Ring heart shaddow

Molly & Shane at Disney Concert Hall

Had an amazing day with Molly Flynn and Shane Mount at the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and down at Laguna Beach at Victoria beach. Such a great time […]

Photo of the week, Nature Photography

Here’s a beautiful shot of this little blue breasted bird. I honestly have no idea what type of bird it is but I just like the lighting.

Photo of the week, Delta Tau Delta Composite

This composite is the result of 1 full day of shooting at the University of San Diego and 4 straight days of photoshop work. I worked on each and every […]

Toy Motorcyle

Toy motorcycle product photo I shot in a photo shoot of 300 other toy products. Product photography can be tricky business. Getting the lighting correct is just as tricky as […]

EMNT Spring Skate line

This is one of the photos I shot for the EMNT spring skate line. I’ve shot a ton of photos on their website, go check them out!

Katie & Chris at Temple steps

Katie and Chris were married at the Salt Lake City Temple. It was a beautiful sunny day and they were so unbelievably happy.

Donna & Donny Sand

Such a great couple, Donny is so fun. Great people, great day great time.

Dyke Huish- Attorney at Law

Dyke Huish is an amazing¬†defense¬†attorney, his office is conveniently located near the Irvine Spectrum off the 5 and 405 freeways. I had a great afternoon with him, shooting many photos […]


    Shane Harder Photography

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