Eternity Movie Poster

Here’s a movie poster I designed and created in photoshop although I didn’t shoot this photo. It’s of me and my wife and was shot by Conrad Young of Conrad Young Photography. You can visit his website here: I got the idea for this poster from others that I had done in the past […]

Magazine Cover

Magazine Cover Wedding Announcement

Here’s one I did for my own wedding announcement. I thought about it for weeks, what could I do that would clearly get the message across, be creative, and completely different? According to everyones reaction, I was able to achieve just that.

Romance Movie Poster

This is a romance movie poster I created to be used in a wedding announcement. I got my inspiration from classic romance movie posters like “The Notebook”. It ended up turning out really great and got a great response from everyone who received it.

Classic romance movie poster

Here’s one of the only photos you’ll see on my website that I didn’t shoot. This was taken by Brian Mealey of Brian Mealey photography out of the bay area. The reason it’s here is because I did the photoshop work on it.