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Keiki Beach House, luxury vacation rental

Keiki Beach house, Lavish Getaways luxury vacation rental. Contact them for bookings:

Epic Productions RV Photoshoot

Epic Productions is an RV rental company that rents it’s RV’s out to mid to large video productions, large commercial photo shoots and now…weddings! We shot a bunch of these […]

Hawaiian Monarch Hotel

The Hawaiian Monarch Hotel is situated against the Waikiki canal, has beautiful views of the ocean and is a short walk from all the main shops in Waikiki. It was […]

Hawaiian Monarch Hotel front desk

Toy Motorcyle

Toy motorcycle product photo I shot in a photo shoot of 300 other toy products. Product photography can be tricky business. Getting the lighting correct is just as tricky as […]

EMNT Spring Skate line

This is one of the photos I shot for the EMNT spring skate line. I’ve shot a ton of photos on their website, go check them out!

New photography preference questionnaire

Do you like high dynamic range photos? Vignetting? High contrast? We listen to you, to deliver to you, your favorite photographic style. Look under the clients tab for our photography […]

Lingere Football Photography

Tara Maher came to me while she was trying out for the Lingere football legue. She’s very into athletics and nutrition and unfortunately there are only so many professional sports […]


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