Every year Waste Management, North America’s largest garbage and recycling company, has a massive corporate event/vacation where they invite all their top sales people as the company’s way of saying thank you. This year they came to Honolulu, in years past they’ve visited most every other tropical vacation destination. This entire week me and 7 other videographers created an amazing corporate video for this vacation event. We covered evening shows, interviews with over 100 guests, horse back riding, scuba diving, deep sea fishing, beach challenges, an afternoon at the PCC, a shark encounter, snorkeling at Haunama bay, dinner on the USS Missouri and the list goes on and on. It was a massive amount of work but as always, a great time with James Chun and Crane Media who booked the event. I’ve only got a few shots from my iphone of the table of cameras we used and Crane Media will have the final video. They may or may not post it on their website. But yeah, this is what about $25,000 in camera equipment looks like.

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