Just finished producing a TV commercial for Hawaiian Island Solar. It was a huge undertaking but well worth it. The workflow on this specific project was so different from all others I’ve done in the past. Usually pre-production lasts anywhere from a few hours to maybe a day, then the filming is anywhere from 2 hours to a week and finally editing can easily last weeks. For this commercial, pre-production lasted months because of all the very specific components I had to gather. I had to write/propose the script, find a few treadmills, find someone to build a generator looking device that actually spins/lights up, find a voice over artist, a makeup artist, scout the location, get permission to film on the location, find a dog and trainer that could walk on a treadmill and the most important part was casting the actors and I had to do that all on a tight budget. This is what happened when you put all that together. By the way, don’t forget to visit their website:



Director: Shane Harder
Homeowner (aka Jr.): Kelemete
Curious Neighbor: Duke Kimhan
Sparkles the Bulldog: Philly
Voice Over: Max Goldberg http://www.goldbergsound.com/

Dog Trainers: Michael and Bethany Schoneman
Sound Tech: Ashley Harder
Cameraman #2 / Production Assistant: Jared Zimmerman
Makeup: Bianca http://www.faceandbodyarthawaii.com/
Set design and construction: Barry Lundquist

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