This fun family had come from all over to vacation in Hawaii together. They had fun seeing the banyan trees near Turtle Bay Resort (where they were staying). They enjoyed the place so much that they decided to fulfill their jungle desire to swing on the vines. They all took their turn, even the littlest boy in group, which led Shane to capture our favorite family photo by far. Absolutely no Photoshop was involved, his dad’s arm was positioned perfectly and was just holding onto his clothes so you couldn’t see how he was holding his son up. The look on this little guy’s face made it all just perfect, still makes me smile every time. The group photo at turtle bay was taken just before the sunset got really great so we stayed after they had left so we could see what would happen to the sky. As you can see, we are really glad we stayed!

Best Kid photo with shane harder photography

Family portraits at sunset with shane harder photography

Kid photos with shane harder photography

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