We had a great opportunity to spend time at a charity event this weekend. We were asked to take the photos of families with Santa Claus. It was great being able to spend time with all the kids who were so excited to see Santa. I am always amazed at how long the lines can get when people come to see Santa and this line was no exception. Perhaps I’ll understand better when I have kids. It was very apparent that not all children are as excited about Santa and this came through all too well on the photos. Some are screaming, some run away and some freeze up, completely unsure of what to do or what has happened to them. Others are beyond excited and give great big smiles or stare in awe at the brilliant beard. No matter what the reaction was they made for great photos. It was fun seeing how everyone reacted to Santa and get a glimpse into all the different personalities. At the end we were able to get our own photo which I was excited for because of out of all the times I’ve seen Santa this is the best he’s ever looked. The beard was real, the outfit sufficiently elaborate and fitted with a special big, gold belt buckle that said “Santa” and perfectly friendly. It was a lot of fun and a great experience, I never get tired of all the fun things we get do as photographers.

Family photos with Santa

Photos with santa

Family portraits with santa

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