Weddings are a special day, not only for the bride and groom but also for everyone involved. I like to include myself in that mix because I love being able to be a part of such a special moment for people. Samantha and Coles wedding was no exception and I know it’s cliche to say but it truly was a joy to spend the day with the two of them. They’re both so light hearted and fun and I think that came out in the video. We had the benefits of being able to shoot at several really pretty locations.
We started at the LDS Newport Beach, CA temple where they were married, then we made our way down to a local beach for a few shots at the beach and a really cool little restaurant with an old English telephone booth in front. I thought that made for a really interesting setting and although it was a really bright/sunny day we were able to avoid the heat/harsh shadows in the shade of the building for a bit.
Finally we ended up at the reception site at the Dove Canyon Courtyard. I’ve shot here a bunch of times and it’s not hard to see why, people love to have their weddings here because it’s so beautiful and accommodating. It has a beautiful location, a bridal prep room, a georgeous courtyard with plenty of space for any caterer without making it feel too spread out, then an indoor section for dancing, enough space for a large tent for dining in hot or rainy conditions, excellent parking and to top it all off, a fairy tale like cottage on the hill with a beautiful curved staircase leading up to it.
I usually don’t do wedding videos because I’m regularly on the photo end but the reality is that wedding videos are a ton of fun to shoot. This particular wedding video was shot on a combination of the Canon C100 and 5D mark iii. I think it was a great combination for what we needed and everything worked out really well.

Let me know of your thoughts below if you like!

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