Great Experience

Had a great time last night with the BHurd Realty team and Mabey Farms. I just wanted to thank both groups for being a part of such a great activity and thank them for inviting me along.


Family Portrait Discount

Some of you asked me about separate family portrait sessions and I wanted to first thank you for your interest and second, offer you $60 off any session booked in the month of October. This $60 off offer is only good for families who attended the pumpkin patch on October 1st, 2015. To see what’s included in a family portrait session, you can visit this link: Family Portrait Session Info and to book, simply call me at (808) 238-9999 or email me from this page


Photo Download

If you’re visiting this blog post you’re probably looking for your photos. Well the quick and easy answer is you can follow this link to my gallery and download or order prints from there.


I realized this method would be much simpler to deliver your photos than emailing them directly, if you have any issues with your photo being posted in this gallery, just email me a request to have it removed and it will be down in no time. To download your photo, just navigate to the image you want on the left, then click the button featured in the image below. That will download the full resolution file, not the web compressed one. If you right click and “save as” you will get a really low quality web compressed version.

How to download image


It was a pleasure to meet each of you, thank you!

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