Here is a photo of a handbag I shot together with 300 other photos in a product photo shoot I did this week. Product photography can be trickier than many people think. For this shoot, I built a product photography studio from parts I bought at Home Depot and Aaron Brothers. I think it did the job nicely. I used 3 flashes, set up at the right, left and top of the product photography studio. I triggered 2 of the flashes with my alien bees radio flash transmitters and the 3rd with the 7D’s built in capability of triggering slave flashes off camera. It’s pretty genius how it works, the 7D’s built in flash emits infrared light when it flashes and the Cannon 430 ex II and 580 ex II can pick up the signal and fire all within one two hundred fiftieth of a second, assuming you have all the camera and flash settings set up correctly.

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