So it looks like I was a good boy this year and got a few new standout goodies for Christmas!

Got a film camera! The super basic rebel G 35 mm film camera. It’s been years since I’ve used film but it’s really exciting. I look at it as taking one step back to take two steps forward. Meaning, I think it will make me take more keepers and make sure the photos I take are quality before pressing the shutter release. Reason being, with film you get like 20-30 exposures and it costs you money and more importantly time to develop them. So there’s added pressure to get it right every time. If you see a shot that you know won’t be good, instead of snapping away with my digital camera, I take the time to think about it and pick something better or not at all. I think everyone would agree it’s better to shoot one excellent photo than 500 – 1000 medeocre photos. Here’s one from the first roll:

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