This was an amazing sunset during our photo shoot at Sharks Cove. It’s up on the North Shore of Oahu and during the summer it’s a perfect place for snorkeling. In this case it turned out to be a perfect place to shoot engagement photos.

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Mami & Mark Engagement

North Shore Hawaii Sunset at Sharks Cove

A picture is worth a thousand words, this is how we shot this one. As you can see, Greg is over there with a flash set to full power. I was shooting at f/5.6 and 1/250 with an ISO of 100. This was shot with the 70-200 IS f/2.8 on a 7D using the alien bees radio flash transmitters and a 580 EX II equivilant. I like using my non-Canon flashes in situations where they could get destroyed by a simple slip on the reef.

Hawaiian Sunset engagement photos

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