We flew out to Utah for Christmas this year and shot this wedding the day after we arrived. It was freezing but what could be a better way to get well acquainted with the cold, dry air than to shoot photos for hours outside the temple? I had it much worse than Shane simply because I had to were a dress! I cheated of course and wore multiple layers on my legs anyways but when my foot accidentally came out of my shoe and landed in the snow that’s about when I thought death was near. Very dramatic thought I know but I managed to pull through. I was very proud of the bride who made it through with such grace which included a beautiful smile the whole time even when her fingers felt numb! It was really fun to shoot in a new location and this temple was gorgeous and the time of day was great for photos. It was well worth the cold to get the shots we did and the bride was very pleased with the results! Since our light stands wouldn’t fit with our luggage on the plane we rented some made by Manfrotto which we are now seriously considering buying in the near future. It was a very successful and fun shoot and we were so grateful to be a part of it!

Bountiful temple wedding photos with shane harder photography

Shane Harder Photography Wedding photo

Ring phtos with shane harder photography

wedding photos with shane harder photography

Waterfall at Bountiful temple with shane harder photography

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