Just got a great new lens to replace my 17-55 f/2.8 IS which has been a great work horse for years. My only complaints with that lens were that it missed focus a few times but only by just enough to not notice it until you get back to your computer to process the images. I had to re-do one photo shoot over 3 years for that reason which did suck but at least it was just once. My only other complaint with that lens is that without a filter it gets dust particles inside it really easily. It doesn’t affect the image but wow does it bother me when that happens. This new one will be great because it’s:

1. Compatible with my new 5D Mark III
2. An L lens so the zoom and focusing rings are a little smoother
3. Maybe a little sharper…maybe.
4. Has better auto focusing.
5. Is weather sealed when you have a filter on it.

I was planning on getting the second version of this lens when it came out but it’s over twice the price and I can’t see how it could be twice the lens. So someday down the road I’ll upgrade but for now this will be great.