Just got Canons best ultra wide zoom lens. The 16-34 f/2.8 L II; the only other one to compare would be the 17-40 but it’s aperture gives less control as it’s only a f/4 which is a really big deal. When you’re in a dark event and you need the shot which I find myself in frequently you need that extra light like you need oxygen. Besides, even though your depth of field from a lens that wide will be pretty minor, it will still be there and it’s better to have it than not. The main and largest reason for acquiring this lens is for glidecam video shots. When using the glidecam, you have to have a wide angle lens. The wider you go the smoother your shot and the faster it makes it seem that you’re traveling. So Yes, I’ll be very much looking forward to shooting more glidecam shots with this lens on the 5D Mark III.

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