Glad you could make it to the race! I was so impressed with how fast everyone was. You made it hard on me to nail focus. Some of you were so fast I missed you, I’m truly sorry about that.

A few points before we get to your photos.

1. Any help is appreciated

I photographed everyone as a donation of my time to support the local MTB culture and I love doing things like that for causes I love. I do photography and video production for a living, it’s not a side job, it has represented 100% of my family income for the last 10 years. I have no intention of charging anyone for any photos, they’re my small gift to each of you for being awesome and riding really hard (digital pat on the back). All I ask is that if you or someone you know has a need of professional photo/video work, that you give them my contact information. I have one website ( ) for business to consumer type of work like wedding and portrait photography, and another ( ) for commercial work like TV ads, web ads, branding videos and a few others.

My phone number is 808 238-9999 and my instagram feed is:

Instagram Link for Shane Harder Photography

All consultations are always free with no need to commit to anything. I love helping people even if it’s just answering simple questions. Thank you!


2. Photo Download instructions

Downloading your photo is really easy. They’re all print or post ready, so you can post them to social media or print them wherever you like. I’ve also made it really easy for you to order prints directly through my site, just click on the “Buy Photos” button to get started. All prints are priced at my cost so I make no money off print orders, it’s just there to be more convenient for you.

DO NOT right click and “save image as” because the download will be garbage web thumbnail quality. Instead:

A. Find and click the photo you want from the left thumbnails.
B. Look below (you may need to scroll) the large image on the right for the download button and click it. (You’ll want to follow the turquoise instructions, not the red on the attached screen grab below)
C. Your image will start downloading! It’s that easy.


Here’s the link to the race photos:

Race Photos, Click this link

And a link if you want to be nice and leave a positive google review:

Google review link

Thanks guys and I hope to see you out on the trails!

-Shane Harder

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