There are many married students who attend BYU-Hawaii that are on a tight budget. Shane came up with the great idea to have a discount family portrait day for students. Normally, family portraits are for $360 but he decided to offer it at $25!!! What!!??!!?? Yes, you read correctly, twenty-five! This included everything our normal portrait session does, full lighting set up, all the best camera gear, my diffuser holding skills, all of the full resolution files and most importantly, my husband’s talent!! The only difference is that it is a quick session to get just a few perfect shots that all families need so they can brighten up their homes or send out as Christmas cards. Besides, what better way to say Merry Christmas than a warm and sunny beach background with some of the most enticing blue ocean water!? Anytime you’re in Hawaii you need to brag about it and get the pictures to prove it!
Even though we had a much tighter window to work with we were still able to get some really fantastic shots. All the families were very happy with their photos and it was a very successful day!
Family portraits at Sunset Beach
Family Portraits at Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii
Family portraits at Sunset Beach

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