Kailee and Kameron were just a great couple to work with all day long. They got married in the Laie Hawaii Mormon Temple on April 20th 2013. So much fun and so much love all around. It’s a pure joy to see people truly appreciate the talents that I offer them. So thank you Kameron and Kailee for being so great!!!



Here is a perfect reason why you HAVE to have powerful studio lights at weddings. In the middle of the day, I was able to illuminate most everyone’s faces in the entire huge group. By doing this I eliminate many of the harsh shadows that make for boring and unattractive photos.
Group Photo

Again, mid day harsh sun can be so difficult to deal with unless you have powerful studio strobes in your arsenal. Luckily we had a strong patch of shade were everyone could avoid the intense heat thereby eliminating the harsh shaddows of the cloudless sun and filling that shade back in with nice, diffused directed light. This was the result.
K & K temple portrait
I’ve shot tons of photos in and around these banyon trees. But I still don’t feel like I’ve fully explored the potential of this place. This time I really wanted to show just how many vines/spindally branches there are in this area. So I set up a studio strobe to light Kai & Kam and 2 sppedlights far in the background to light up all the branches. It came out pretty cool but I still feel like I haven’t nailed it perfectly yet. I quickly realized how much prettier the natural light was at the time so I put away all the lights and we shot in natural light from there on at that location. The following two images were captured in the gorgeous natural light peeking through the trees that time of day.
Banyon Trees Galore
Sun kiss
Piggy back ride

Lastly, this is the first time in 4 years I’ve copied one of my favorite photos ever. This one is just so unique that you can’t copy it often or it becomes boring. It’s just a lot of fun and we were able to nail it first try. This one was great because we balanced the sunset colors into the background. This is one of those images that makes photography so so much fun!


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