After about 8 months of working for other people, all it did was re-enforce how much I love working for myself. I love the ups and downs, the craziness of it and the amazing experiences I get to have. Most of all, I love the freedom of working for myself. I love the ability to be light and nimble, to decide I want to try a new marketing strategy and to just do it. No asking for budgets or permissions, just pure freedom to believe in something and execute.

I also want to thank everyone in advance for the opportunities you’ll give me to create content for your business and help you succeed. I’ve got a bunch of new products/services that I believe are highly needed in today’s society and I’ll be covering those in full over the next several months but it’s really exciting.

What do you think of my newly re branded business card? Besides replacing myself with a beautiful model that is.

Photography-Business Card-Front

So what was I doing during that period of 8 months of working for other people? I worked at Pictureline, Utah’s largest camera store. While there I was the head of the video department. The great thing about that was I was able to work with every camera out there and know every feature about each of them. It was also great because I got to know all the other video guys in the Salt Lake Valley. Lastly it was awesome because of all the amazing people I got to work with. The main thing I didn’t like about it was being trapped inside a building all day long and not being able to shoot anything out where it matters.

The other job I had was at Lenzworks which is a production house in the Salt Lake Valley. I was their stills photographer, drone pilot, equipment manager and Key Grip. So I wore a LOT of hats and I got to travel a LOT during my time there. The travel was the amazing and horrible thing about the job. Great because of the experience of traveling all over the place but horrible because it was exhausting and I missed hanging out with my beautiful wife. So it’s a massive two edged sword. Lenzworks was also amazing for the great people who worked there.

All in all, I’m convinced I’m in the best position of the three now and I’m really excited about what the future will hold. Thanks for reading and caring!

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