For anyone who has received one of my engagement session promotion cards, here are all the details and fine print.


The basics of the promotion are pretty self explanatory, if you purchase an engagement ring from one of our sponsored engagement ring shops, and you have the card plus a receipt, we will give you a free engagement photography session. You don’t have to buy the photos or pay for anything else. Now why would I offer such an aggressive promotion? Each engagement session represents a very large amount of time and energy I could be spending with paying clients. My hope is that you will be so thrilled by the photos I provide, how easy I make the entire process, and how comfortable I make you feel during the photo shoot; that I’ll be the only obvious only choice as your wedding photographer as well.


Now, the fine print:

  1. This promotion is subject to cancellation at any time by Shane Harder.
  2.  This promotion is subject to schedule availability. In the event Shane Harder Photography is completely booked during the period of time the couple requires the engagement photos, the couple will not be able to redeem the promotion.
  3.  The location of the shoot shall not exceed the geographical region south of Springville, North of Salt Lake City, or anywhere outside of the Salt Lake or Utah Valley’s. Or any other location deemed out of a reasonable geographical area by Shane Harder. However, this does not exclude nearby canyons adjacent to the Salt Lake or Utah valley’s. If a further location is required, the couple will be charged a minimum of $50 plus an additional $100/hour of approx driving time.
  4. The couple must present a photo of the receipt of purchase of the engagement ring via cellular picture message or email to qualify for the promotion. Failure to provide adequate proof of purchase will result in photo shoot cancellation.
  5. The photos may or may not be taken by Shane Harder, it is possible there will be an associate photographer and/or any combination of assistants/interns.
  6. Turnaround time on photo delivery for this promotion will be 1 month from the photo shoot date.
  7. Anyone attempting to cheat Shane Harder Photography or scam the company in any way will result in a cancellation of the photo shoot and/or non delivery of photos taken.
  8. All photos taken by Shane Harder Photography may be used in any social media or other marketing efforts by Shane Harder Photography. This includes any photos taken by any additional photographers or associate photographers. Additionally, they may be uploaded to stock photography services or used in any other way deemed appropriate by Shane Harder Photography.