Being well rounded is critical.

Amazing Hawaiian panorama

A well rounded photographer will be able to get the best of every situation. For example, someone who can shoot landscapes, sports and weddings well is going to be better at all 3 of those because inspiration will come from the different forms of photography. For example, when shooting a wedding, someone who is good […]

Mid Week MTB XC Race Photos, Corner Canyon

Glad you could make it to the race! I was so impressed with how fast everyone was. You made it hard on me to nail focus. Some of you were so fast I missed you, I’m truly sorry about that. A few points before we get to your photos. 1. Any help is appreciated I […]

Our Christmas Card, and how I created it.

I enjoy photo composites. I love that they’re a fantastic way to create an entire story from a single image. That’s what I’ve done here, given a perfect visual description of what our lives are like on a day to day, with a Christmas twist. We have Sienna getting into everything, me coming up with […]

5 Easy Steps to Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

Finding your wedding photographer can be tough, there’s so much riding on your special day and there are no repeats. With nearly everyone with a camera claiming “Pro Photographer” status¬†finding your perfect wedding photographer can be as tough as finding that special someone. To help couples navigate their way to the perfect fit, I’ve compiled […]

Engagement Ring Promotion

For anyone who has received one of my engagement session promotion cards, here are all the details and fine print.   The basics of the promotion are pretty self explanatory, if you purchase an engagement ring from one of our sponsored engagement ring shops, and you have the card plus a receipt, we will give […]

Dragon Warriors Premiere

So the premiere for Dragon Warriors was a big success and lots of fun! First off, for anyone who hasn’t seen it and is reading this, go watch it. It’s a fun comedy ride through a mythical land of dragons and sorcery. Basically I laughed a lot, enjoyed the film,¬†and I’ll leave the real reviews […]

Pumpkin Patch Event with BHurd realty and Mabey Farms

Great Experience Had a great time last night with the BHurd Realty team and Mabey Farms. I just wanted to thank both groups for being a part of such a great activity and thank them for inviting me along.   Family Portrait Discount Some of you asked me about separate family portrait sessions and I […]

Our Baby Announcement

The most creative baby announcement

I typically don’t post personal announcements on my photography website blog but since this one is a big deal and I also got to shoot a really cool composite photo for it, I thought it would be a good call. So, since this is a photography website, let’s talk about the photo and it’s process […]

Yelp #1 Ranked Photographer in South Jordan

Just got the #1 ranking on Yelp for South Jordan! As I was just updating a few details on my Yelp account I realized I was the #1 ranked photographer for South Jordan. I was just so excited about it that I had to give the blog a shout out. Why does Yelp Matter […]