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About: Shane

I'm a photographer/videographer and I just love imaging. I love helping people look their best and show off how amazing they are. I'm convinced that every person and every company has amazing things to share with the world and I believe it's my job to portray that well.

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Being well rounded is critical.

A well rounded photographer will be able to get the best of every situation. For example, someone who can shoot landscapes, sports and weddings well is going to be better […]

Mid Week MTB XC Race Photos, Corner Canyon

Glad you could make it to the race! I was so impressed with how fast everyone was. You made it hard on me to nail focus. Some of you were […]

Our Christmas Card, and how I created it.

I enjoy photo composites. I love that they’re a fantastic way to create an entire story from a single image. That’s what I’ve done here, given a perfect visual description […]

5 Easy Steps to Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

Finding your wedding photographer can be tough, there’s so much riding on your special day and there are no repeats. With nearly everyone with a camera claiming “Pro Photographer” status¬†finding […]

Engagement Ring Promotion

For anyone who has received one of my engagement session promotion cards, here are all the details and fine print.   The basics of the promotion are pretty self explanatory, […]


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