About Icon Family

I was raised in a family focused on art. As a child, my dad simply painted to put food on the table. As his growing family became too expensive for a starving artist, he moved on to graphic arts to support the business community. My dad was a graphic artist years before computers became mainstream. So one may ask, how on earth did he create all those logos and product packages without a computer? He did it the same way we do it now, with creativity (and an airbrush). As time went on and computers started to be used for graphics, my home became filled with macintosh computers, well before they were trendy.

About Icon Grad

After High School I went on a religious mission for my church to Rome Italy. My time there was one of the most inspirational periods of my life where I was heavily influenced by the art, kindness, love and culture of the Italian people. I returned to the United States to pursue an education at Brigham Young University. I knew I wanted to become an entrepreneur of some kind. I wanted to make something from nothing, to create. My biggest concern was that I didn’t know how to run the financials and the business side of a business. Knowing that cash is the reason most businesses fail, I thought it prudent to learn as much as I could about money so my business would succeed. I graduated from the Marriott School of Business at BYU with an emphasis in finance and went on to further my financial education working for a financial planning firm.

About Icon Open

Right in the middle of our financial crisis when thousands were loosing their jobs in the financial industry, I decided it would be a perfect time to pursue my dream of business ownership. So I quit my stable, salary + benefits job and started feasting on all the software related to creating a great website. Compelling websites need images and video so a large part of that was learning photoshop, premier pro, after effects and a bunch of other Adobe Creative Suite Programs. After learning all the software I soon realized that to create a beautiful image you have to start with a beautiful image, and that photoshop isn’t the answer to creating that on a computer. So I started investing into camera equipment. That’s when people started contacting me to create for them.

About Icon Camera

Now, over 6 years later, I’ve started, moved and started again my photography business in California, Hawaii, California again, and now Utah. Through this journey I’ve been blessed to photograph many many weddings, built 8 websites, shoot many corporate promotional videos, produced 3 TV commercials, and worked on a $50 million dollar feature film.

I just want to thank everyone who has believed in me through the years. Especially my supporting wife and love of my life, Ashley.

-Shane Harder