[tabs slidertype=”left tabs”][tabcontainer] [tabtext]Photo Book[/tabtext] [tabtext]Creative Edits[/tabtext] [tabtext]Prints[/tabtext] [tabtext]DVD Copies[/tabtext] [tabtext]Web Hosting[/tabtext] [/tabcontainer] [tabcontent] [tab]Books that come with most wedding packages are 25 pages, 8″ tall X 12″ wide. They’re hardbound, printed on lay flat photo paper and look gorgeous! The covers are printed with a beautiful metallic finish to give a slight shine to it. Each book is created from scratch and every one takes about a week to build, but they’re so beautiful it’s worth it every time. We charge $500 to design/print the first one and $180 per additional copy. For a 50 page book, it’s $800 to design/print the first one and $300 for each additional copy. If you want a leather bound book or other ultra premium features like hinged pages, please ask for a custom quote.

[/tab] [tab]Here I have the magazine style creative edit that was used for a wedding invite. To replicate this one it’s $120. To do a movie poster style it’s $60 and if you’re interested in one of the other innovative ideas I have not featured here they’re bid on an individual basis.

Magazine Cover Wedding Announcement[/tab] [tab]All prints are now handled through my website. They are all priced at my cost and I make no money on them. Go the the “clients” page for details. If you prefer that I print them, the prices are listed here:



4 X 6- $6

8 X 10- $15

11 X 14- $20

16 X 24- $50

20 X 30- $80

30 X 40- $ 100 [/box][/one_half][/tab]

[tab]Every photoshoot comes with all image files hosted on our website and readily downloadable, to have the files copied and mailed on a disk costs $20 each.

[/tab] [tab]Every photoshoot comes with free web hosting through Smug Mug of all downloadable full resolution photos unless you request that they not be uploaded. We’ve spent many hours researching the best photo hosting website that allows users to view, download and print their photos directly from the website. Although Shane Harder Photography has to pay a premium for it, we believe Smug Mug is the best. Enjoy!!

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